Who We Are

Established in 2010, e-Tech Automation in Motion Ltd is a market leader in the design and supply of various types of motion products from motors, to drivers, controllers and  servo gearheads.

We supply various types of solutions: servo and stepper motors, 24Vdc to 400Vac drivers, various fieldbus (mainly EtherCAT)
products, and machine / motion controllers.

Our  Values

e-Tech – Performance, Expertise, Design and Support
For more than a decade, e-Tech Automation in Motion has been considered a market leader in motion control. Headed by Eldad Lapidot, who has many years of experience with machine control and motion control, the company assists leading Israeli manufacturers in printing, semiconductor, and various industrial automation markets.

e-Tech – tight collaboration with the customer from early design phase, through prototype to mass production
Working closely with our customers from early design phase, through integration to -fully-functioning solutions.

e-Tech – technical support and application know-how
In-depth knowledge of motion systems as a whole, including mechanical, electrical and control aspects of the machine.

Our  advantages


Best Suppliers

We carefully select the best suppliers in order to meet
our customers high quality and performance
requirements and build strong partnership with these
suppliers which leads to our unique ability to offer new
and customized solutions for high-end and low-end
markets. We constantly seek new products and
technologies which allow our customers to exceed
current limitations.


Perfect Solution

We assist our customers by tailoring the perfect solution for their applications using the broadest range of motion components
available in the market. Linear motion? Rotary? Servo or Stepper? Incremental or Absolute? We have the perfect solution for all your technical needs, even the most challenging ones that others would
claim to be “impossible”. With the deep technical knowledge and
many years of customer service of our sales and application team, led by C.E.O. Mr. Eldad Lapidot, we have experience with most market applications.


End-to-End Approach

We believe in the End-to-End (E2E) approach, meaning all of our customer-facing personnel are engineers. This is rooted in our
company’s philosophy of speaking our customer’s language at all
stages of the process.


Deeply Involved

We are deeply involved in our customers’ R&D activities, participating in their PDR and CDR, hands-on during system
integration and assembly and, of course, servo tuning.
As an engineering-based company, we offer our customers both
Off The Shelf products, as well as fully customized ones.

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