ACS Motion Control is a global company providing EtherCAT network based high performance motion controllers and drivers . Since 1985, ACS Motion Control has provided state of the art control solutions to world leading manufacturers in the Semiconductors, FPD, Electronics Assembly and Testing, Medical, Digital Printing and Laser Processing market segments.

Tecnotion is a global authority on direct drive motor technology. As a former part of Philips, Tecnotion are the world’s only unbundled manufacturer of linear and torque motors. Tecnotion specializes solely in the development and production of direct drive motors, which allows providing expertise, customer service and product quality that are unmatched by other direct drive manufacturers.

Reckon is a worldwide leader in manufacturing of planetary gearboxes. Reckon Designs and builds a technically advanced, high speed, low backlash servo application planetary gearbox. Our technology provides the customer with the optimum high precision helical reducer at a reasonable price. The primary focus in daily operation is quality. We pride ourselves on our dedication to quality.

KINAVO is a leading motor manufacturer, part of the Kinco group. Kinavo manufactures servo motors sizes: 40mm to 180mm. (50W to 22.5KW) with operating voltages ranging from 24V to 600V. motors are available with various encoder types and connectors. Kinavo are well known for their customizing capabilities and short lead time.

Sanyo Denki is known for its “SANMOTION” brand name for servo systems, such as servo motors, servo amplifiers, stepping motors, stepping drivers and motion controllers. Sanyo offers a wide range of servo and stepper systems, ranging from 50W- 50KW servo systems and 14mm to 86mm stepper motors.

Sanyo are known for their high torque to size ratios, batteryless absolute encoders and Japanese reliability. 

Ls Electric is a Korean leading developer in the fields of electric power, transmission and telecommunications, energy , matirials , automation and machinery & components.Ls Electric provide a wide range of motion solutions: motors , drivers and integrated systems starting at 50w and up to 40Kw. Ls Electric support the EtherCat fieldbus and have their own Ethercat master as well.

Fastech provides total solutions mostly covers motion controller (Closed Loop Stepping System), Open Loop Stepping System, Various Field Network Solution and various unit product combine with mechanisms are all required from motion control market field. In addition, thrugh continuous technical research and product development, we build very concrete establishment to provide optimized total solution matching any requests from customers.